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「香港設計師網」設計師 Setsumi Tong
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Setsumi Tong (Suet Suet) is a local based photographer and graphic designer in Hong Kong, which is a founder of “ICE-CREAM” Theme Production. Setsumi has been working on diversified jobs in design and production industry over 10 years, such as film production, photography, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, book editing, art tutor and cast members, etc. 
Starting with 2006, Setsumi began to work as a graphic designer in publishing house, helping to design different series of books, monthly magazines and illustrated maps. She then continued to expand her graphic design’s works, designing for magazines such as Men’s Uno, Cosmopolitan, Touch etc. She worked her way up as an Art Director in an in-house company, leading different teams in graphic design projects and products. 
With years of experiences, Setsumi co-founded her production house “ICE-CREAM” Theme Production in 2012 to offer high-quality and all-encompassing video production and photography services for customers. Her business mainly focuses to produce artistic photography, music videos, micro films and TV commercial. In order to offer all-around and professional services to customers, “ICE CREAM” Theme Production provides the through-train services, including storytelling, casting, costuming, styling, pre-production, production, post production, props setting, designing, even publishing.
At the beginning, Setsumi’s production house developed the businesses in Shanghai, mainly manufacturing micro films. After getting business back on track, it turned the production line to Hong Kong. Her artistic and enthusiastic works style was attracted and obtained many companies and clients’ affection and attention. Suet’ works were extensively broadcasted TV commercials, music videos, advertisements by companies to the public and social media. 
In 2013, Setsumi was interviewed by Japan and China television and magazines. Recently, her spectacular works was appreciated and impressed by many producers and directors from Singapore and China, which invited Setsumi to collaborate for filming.  At the same time, China Beijing producer especially asked Setsumi to lead as a director for executing “K.K.K” Karen’s music video in 2016. Fortunately, “K.K.K” by Karen won the “Best Production Award” of China Changsha Chinese Golden Melody Ceremony in November 2016, which was the biggest ceremony in China.


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Could you please upload more design portfolio for my reference?
日期: 2016-12-30 18:55:01

Hi Designer, I need to find people for company's all the related design stuffs, could you please upload more design portfolio for my reference?

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「香港設計師網」設計師 Setsumi Tong
Setsumi Tong

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