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設計師 CHEUNG Jessie Tin Wing

「香港設計師網」設計師 CHEUNG Jessie Tin Wing
公司: Savannah College of Art and Design
類別 : 平面設計 、
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I am Jessie, a current student in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), majoring in Graphic, and minoring in Advertising Design.

I study art, because I really wish to add colours into others’ lives.  I have a dream- that is, to become an influential artist and designer, as well as bringing inspirations into the ordinary world.


I realized art has a strong power in moving and inspiring people.  It becomes a borderless language for me to communicate with people of all walks of life.  Under the influence of my past experiences, most of my art creations are about human lives.  I mostly use abstraction or realism and I hope that people who deliberately appreciate my work will learn a lesson from it.


I am an artist and a graphic designer.  All I hope is to design my own thoughts, draw people’s minds, and paint a better world.  


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「香港設計師網」設計師 CHEUNG Jessie Tin Wing
CHEUNG Jessie Tin Wing

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