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「香港設計師網」設計師 kenneth wong
公司: Dream Republic Creative Ltd
類別 : 平面設計 、
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As a designer I’ve been in the creative business for over 20 years. During that time I’ve serviced a wide range of clients, from international corporations to design studios and 4A agencies. I have produced high quality freestanding artwork, designed packaging for popular retail products and mixed brands into retail imagery for print, television and on the ground events.


My work reflects my passion for colorful concepts inspired by contemporary urban art and pop culture.  As a child I always loved drawing, taking ideas copiously from cartoons and comic books, and this source of inspiration continues to this present day, keeping my designs fresh and relevant for today’s consumers. 


have even plied my passion for design with my own fashion brand – “Dreamcoholic” since 2006. Needless to say it was a long process and full of challenges.


I believe that creativity is more than just a tool of my trade. It’s an essential instrument that helps to define what surrounds us, and hence allows us to create a dialogue with our environment that will eventually define who we are.


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設計師kenneth wong工作紀錄: HKTDC fashion week

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設計師kenneth wong工作紀錄: dreamcoholic 生活產品

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生產了一系列的dreamcoholic 生活產品。 …

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「香港設計師網」設計師 kenneth wong
kenneth wong

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